Friendly Tango Classes in Buenos Aires

Embrazo Tango classes in Buenos Aires allow beginners to start dancing and enjoy themselves quickly and easily.

In the first class, you’ll learn how to move to the music together. Then, we’ll go into steps and sequences that make Argentine Tango the most beautiful dance in the world!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday



About $4 USD


90 minutes


Almagro, C1236 CABA, Buenos Aires


Send us your name and email and we’ll invite you to a class that’s right for you.


Who can attend?

Our tango classes are open to men and women of all ages.

How to dress?

Wear something that allows you to move freely and feel comfortable. Snickers are fine and you can also dance in socks. It’s quite impossible to dance in flipflops or sandals.

Do I need to bring a partner?

You can come as a couple or by yourself. We make sure that all classes have the same number of men and women.

How many classes do I need to really dance?

Most students fall in love with tango during their first class. To lead and follow confidently, we recommend at least three classes.

Do I need prior experience dancing?

Not at all. Tango is walking. Beautifully. If you can walk, we’ll teach you to tango.

Can I record?

You can take videos and photos of yourself, teachers and assistants. To protect the privacy of other students, we ask that you do not include them in your photos and videos. Our assistants will be happy to help you take videos of yourself with your partner or with other assistants.