Social Dancing – The Perfect Way to Meet People

If you rely on online dating to meet people, it’s time to try something new! See why, at Embrazo, we believe social dancing is the most exciting way to meet others and improve your social life.

Dance is something deeply built into us. Ancient civilizations used dancing as a form of communication, in celebration, even as a way to prepare for war. Some still do ritual dances today before football matches.

Dancing these days may make many people think of thumping clubs, awkward school events, Tik Tok fads, or stuffy ballrooms. But there’s also a form of dancing people don’t often think about, and we believe it might just be the perfect way to meet new people – social dancing!

What is Social Dancing?

Social dancing is fun, stress free, and gives you the opportunity to meet lots of new, adventurous and interesting people. The primary purpose is to socialize and have fun rather than compete or perform.

There are many forms of social dancing, including couples dancing and line dancing.

Moving together with other people to the same music creates a wonderful sense of community and belonging.

Couples dancing takes social dancing to the next level. It brings people together who may come from different places, speak different languages, but can still communicate perfectly through dance.

At Embrazo, we practice a simplified Argentine tango that anyone can do, and we bring a variety of people together to meet each other in our weekly classes and dance nights.

Why Should You Try Social Dancing?

Social dancing brings you face-to-face with other interesting, exciting people. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to develop qualities and skills that can make you a great partner both on and off the dance floor!

Communication & Attentiveness

Social dancing is like a game that people play in couples. The game is about moving together to the sound of the music and creating our own dance for a few minutes.

To do this, couples need to communicate, and in dance, this is done by leading and following.

The leader tells the follower where he wants to go and how to get there. This communication is done through the dancers’ body language. The follower can then accept and follow.

Leaders don’t move by themselves and expect the followers to chase them. Instead, leaders and followers connect and move together.

Remember, dancing is not a “power struggle” but something to enjoy. The dance can only happen if the couple manages to form a bond and move together.

Posture & Confidence

How others perceive you starts with how you hold yourself as you stand and walk. In order to dance together, both men and women need to stand straight and relaxed. Others are attracted to you when you project calmness, look confident and attentive, and respond with grace.

In tango, the position and posture with which you hold your dance partner is known as the abrazo, or embrace. A great embrace invites another person into your space and allows them to relax in your presence.

When our own body has great posture, and we are holding someone else in a confident and relaxed embrace, we can sense each other. We can move together to the music and lose ourselves in the moment.

Community & Courtesy

Sure, you can dance all your life with one partner and have a great time. However, switching partners in the dance makes it much more social, exciting, and fun.

In Argentine Tango, which is the ultimate type of social dancing, couples switching is baked in. Every few songs, the music gives the signal to change partners. Dancers thank each other for the opportunity to dance together and then look for their next partner. It’s considered good manners for men to invite each woman to one round every evening.

This routine of switching partners gives everyone a chance to meet everyone else.

How Difficult is Social Dancing?

Some forms of social dance take years to master. Others, people can learn in a few hours or less. It all depends on what your goals are and what you’re looking to achieve.

For people who are mainly interested in the social aspects of dancing, Embrazo developed what we call “Simplified Argentine Tango”. This dance includes the elegance and emotion of Argentine Tango but is made simple. It’s designed for people who want to go out, meet, and socialize, without having to spend dozens of hours learning a complex dance.

After only one hour of learning our Simplified Argentine Tango, Embrazo members can dance with each other and enjoy our dance parties.

Getting Started with Social Dancing

Don’t take our word for it – come see for yourself why social dancing is perfectly designed for meeting people and developing qualities and skills that can benefit your dancing abilities and social life!

Sign up for an intro class at an Embrazo social dance studio near you. We have groups for every age range that always include the same number of men and women. No dance experience needed!