Social Dance Classes

In Embrazo’s social dance classes, members learn how to do Simplified Argentine Tango in couples. No dance experience or partner is needed. Our aim is to get you dancing, having fun and meeting people from the first class.

What We Do in Embrazo’s Social Dance Classes

Our social dance classes are 75 minutes long, once per week.

  1. We start with a quick warm up, to prepare our bodies for dance.
  2. We do a few “walking” exercises, where we improve our posture and the way we move.
  3. Men and women learn “today’s sequence”. Our sequences are simple and fun to learn and practice.
  4. After both the men and the women feel comfortable with their own parts, we form couples and practice on the new sequence in pairs.
  5. At the end of the class, the teachers do a quick demonstration. Students are welcome to take photos and movies, but that’s not really necessary we we’ll send you a video with today’s sequence anyway.

After the group classes, members are welcome to join a guided practice. At that time, you can stay longer and practice on the sequences that you learned with others. The teachers are always there and will help with anything that you need.

Dress Code

Our classes are pretty informal. Wear something that lets you move comfortably and makes you feel comfortable around (and near) others.

Since we’re dancing, shoes are the most important part of your attire. If you have dance shoes, that’s great! Otherwise, regular tennis shoes will work fine. Flip-flops and sandals will not work. For ladies, it’s a good idea to come with closed-toe shoes. This way, you don’t need to worry about men accidentally stepping on your toes.

The Tango Embrace means that the men’s right arm holds the woman’s back. If your back is ventilating, the man’s arm will touch your skin (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

Switching Couples

Every song we switch couples. Ladies stay in place and the men move counter-clockwise. This gives everyone the chance to spend a few minutes with everyone else. It’s a great way to break the ice with a new person, whom you’ve just met.

Men – be prepared to approach a woman, say hello, dance a few minutes, thank her and rotate.

Ladies – be prepared to greet a new man every few minutes, smile, be patient and say goodbye when the song is over.

If you’re coming as a couple, it’s still a good idea to participate and switch couples. You’re not getting married every song. It’s just a dance ­čÖé

We Start at With Zero Dance Experience

Embrazo’s social dance classes are designed for absolute beginners who are looking to go out and have fun while doing a simple dance. After just one class, members can already dance. Of course, the more classes you take, the more advanced your dance will become.

The basic step looks like this:

Even if you don’t know any other steps, you can already have fun and participate in our dance parties.

Simplified Argentine Tango is romantic, fun, exciting and great for people of all ages.

How to Get Started

Join Embrazo and take an introduction class.