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How to Tell if a Woman Likes You

Just because a woman shows interest in you, it doesn’t mean that you have successfully built the attraction level high enough for her to like you in a romantic way. Not every woman is the same when it comes to letting you know if she likes you or not. But for the most part, any of the following signs are good, and the more of them that she does, the more likely it is that she wants to have a romantic relationship with you. 

9 Signs That a Woman Likes You

1. She Gets Closer

One of the things that she will do if she likes you is that she will move herself a little closer to you than normal. She might start by “invading” your space with movements of her hands while she talks. Or she could sit closer to you than she did before if sitting on a bench, for example. 

Any indication that she gets closer to you is a good sign. And if she “accidentally” brushes up against you, or touches your arm or leg, etc., those are excellent signs that she really likes you. 

2. She Asks About You

If she asks about your past or personal life, such as your hobbies, goals, and dreams, it shows that she’s interested in you and that she’s willing to invest the time to get to know you better. 

Some women are just curious about people, but if she shows other signs of attraction, then she probably wants you to take it to the romantic level.

3. She Laughs at Your Jokes

When a woman likes you, she lets you know in subtle ways. She will find connection with you on as many things as possible. She will laugh at your good jokes and laugh at your bad ones. It won’t matter because she wants to send you the signal that she likes you and wants you to continue pursuing her. 

4. She Shows More Interest in You Than Others

Let’s say that you’ve met a woman who you are attracted to, gotten to know her a little, and you’re in a social setting of mutual friends, but you’re not sure if this woman in question is romantically interested in you or not. 

One big sign is if she shows more interest in you than others. If she is shy, it could be her main way of letting you know. If she moves closer to you, that’s a great sign. If she looks at you when the group laughs, that’s a great sign that she’s more than just interested. 

5. She Compliments You

If she find things to compliment you on, that’s her way of showing she appreciates you and likes you. It also shows she’s paying close attention to you.

After she compliments you, it might be a good opening to ask her out on a date. 

6. She Texts You First

If you exchange numbers and she texts you first, that’s a great sign that she is romantically interested in you. Although if she is shy, she may think that she must wait for you to text first. 

Regardless, the more she texts you, the better the sign, and you can use the new channel of communication to set up a date. 

8. She Invites You to Hang Out with Her Friends

Inviting you to meet her friends shows that she trusts you to to be fun and nice to her friends. She may be looking for her friends’ thoughts about you, so be sure to be your best self.

If she shows you other signs of attraction, then this is another great sign she wants you to take it to the next level. 

9. She Tells You She Has Nothing Planned

If she tells you that she wishes that she had something to do on the weekend but doesn’t, it may be her way of letting you know she’s open to doing something with you. Ask her out and see where it goes from there!

After 10 Minutes of Dancing Together, You’ll Know if a Woman Likes You

Usually, it’s not easy to tell if a woman likes you or not. But there is another option that does make it easy… 

Couple’s dancing provides the perfect way to know what your dance partner is thinking and feeling for you. Unlike texting or talking, people cannot fake their true emotions when they are holding each other.

If the guy is calm, he will immediately sense what his partner is feeling for him. This is done in a very subconscious and accurate way. We feel the grip of our partner’s hands on our own hands and back. We can tell if the woman is holding on to us or pushing us back. And we can even feel how the woman responds to the moves that we propose.

In our classes, we help men and women relax and connect, so that they can truly feel their partner. If a person is very stressed, they may be interested in someone else, and their body will send the message that they are not interested or available. In every class, we work on relaxing and letting our instincts guide us. From this point, when we are in contact, the body tells the truth, and it’s very easy to read it once you are taught what to look for. 

This is why we think that Embrazo’s dance classes are so valuable. We teach men how to tell if a woman likes you in a way that keeps you from embarrassing yourself in front of her and others. 

In our classes and dance evenings, it’s actually easy to tell if a woman likes you or not. Many times, a woman has some interest in a guy, so she makes eye contact and encourages him to invite her to dance. After a few minutes of dancing together, she may change her mind. Suddenly, she will feel stiff and passive. She will kindly say “thank you” at the end and go about her own way, looking for new partners.

On the other hand, if she likes you and wants to get together more, you’re most definitely going to feel the difference.

The woman will hold you close during the dance. She will respond nicely to your lead and add her own decorations, to make your dance together beautiful. Then, she will stay with you for just a little longer at the end of the music. She will not break the embrace immediately and get back to her seat. And of course, she will actively try to make eye contact with you during the evening to get you to invite her again.

In our opinion, Embrazo’s dance classes offer the best way to learn how to tell if a woman is interested or likes you. 

Join Embrazo’s dance classes and take the mystery out of how to approach and interact with women.