Dance Teachers Wanted

Do you love dancing, working with people and teaching? Do you want to make a career of it?

Meet Embrazo.

Embrazo helps people connect through social dance. If you’re a dancer, you know the feeling. In Embrazo, you’ll have the chance to teach it to others.

What we teach

We use “simplified Argentine Tango” as our dance basis. The “simplified” part is a result of years of experience by our master teachers in Buenos Aires. Leonel and Natalia have been teaching tango for over 20 years. They won championships, traveled the world and taught thousands of students. Now, they are part of Embrazo team, making Argentine Tango accessible, fun and easy for everyone.

All Embrazo teachers will receive dedicated training from Leonel and Natalia.

Work in Embrazo

Our studios will provide full-time work for teacher. Work starts in the morning for private classes and basic studio upkeep. At the afternoon, we give group classes and in the nights we have milongas (dances). Teachers set their own schedule, according to their availability.

Your job is to be a great dance teacher and human being. We take care of all the rest including marketing, registration, payments and facilities.


We’re launching Embrazo in several locations. Let us know where you are and we’ll tell you when Embrazo opens near you.


When you work in Embrazo, you’ll receive an honest pay, providing you with a good living. You will receive a modest base salary and high commission for each student in your studio.

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