Dance Evenings

Dance evenings (Milongas) are parties where Embrazo members come to have fun and meet via social dancing.

Dress Code for Dance Evenings

What you wear for the dance evenings is entirely up to you. As long as you’re comfortable with yourself and with others, it’s fine. Remember to bring shoes that make sense. Flip-flops and sandals don’t work, but most other shoes will be fine.

Beginner women usually come with closed-toe shoes. More experienced women dare to wear stilettos. Men typically start with tennis shoes and then move up to dance shoes.

Some women feel comfortable wearing nice pants and shirts. Others prefer evening dresses. We’re here to have fun, so wear what makes you feel good.

Most men show up in simple pants and shirts. If you have something fancy, which allows you to move freely and makes you feel good, by all means – bring it!

The Vibe

We keep it light and casual. It’s a party and we’re here to have fun. There’s music, but it’s not at full volume so you can still hear yourself thinking and even hear people when they’re talking with you (no need to shout over the music).

There’s room to sit and relax and plenty of room to dance.

We provide light refreshment, but it’s not a pub, so we’re not big on alcohol. Our dance evenings are fun by themselves, so there’s really no need to dull the senses.

Absolute Beginners and Experienced Dances Are Welcome

Even if you only had one group class, you’ll feel right at home in Embrazo’s dance evenings. After one class, you already know the basic steps. You can dance with other beginners and you’ll be happy to see that more experienced members welcome you as well.

Inviting and Responding (the Cabeceo)

You’re in Embrazo’s dance evening for the first time. You don’t really know anyone. It’s completely new to you. How do you get started?

Really easy!

  • Find a seat where others can see you and you can see others.
  • Look around and feel the vibe.
  • Wait until the music stops and it’s time to switch couples (every 3 songs).
  • Now is the time to form new couples, for the next 3 songs.
  • Men and women scan the room, looking for a partner they haven’t danced with yet. Our code of honor says that men should invite all the women in the room. Yup.
  • When two people make eye contact and they want to dance together, they keep this eye contact, give a subtle nod and get up.
  • And off you go.

At the end of the 3 songs, men and women gracefully thank each other and say goodbye. If you want to be a perfect gentleman, feel free to accompany the lady back to an empty chair. If this feels weird, you don’t have to.

Hey, you just made a new friend!

Sounds Interesting?

Join Embrazo and come to our social dance classes and dance evenings.