Forward and Backward Sacadas

March 6, 2020

Today we will teach how to perform forward and backward sacadas. The men will insert his leg between the woman’s leg, while the woman is doing forward ochos.

The man enters with his right leg between the woman’s legs while she is walking forward. To produce a sacada, the man will place his leg close to the back leg of the woman.

The man should pay attention to softly touch the woman’s leg and not kick it.

When the man switches from the forward sacadas to the back sacada, he first prepares the room between his and her legs. The man is leading the woman far from him to open this space. Then, does a back step, touches the woman’s leg and only once the woman has moved, the man transfers his weight to complete the step.

In all these sacadas, the man needs to be very careful not to fall into his own step. He needs to make the step, touch the woman’s leg, wait for the woman to clear the space and then complete the step by transferring his weight. Otherwise, the man will likely kick the woman, which is not what we’re trying to accomplish 🙂

The woman needs to make a large disassociation. This will open the space for the man to enter his leg between her legs. In all the ochos that the woman is doing, she is going outward. Without this movement, the man has no space to make a sacada.