Barrida and colgada

February 24, 2020

Today we teach how to do a barrida and colgada. In the barrida, the man is touching the lady’s foot and gently dragging it. In the colgada, the leader is moving the follower outside of her axis. Then, the leader and follower balance each other.

Tips for leaders

At the moment of the barrida is very important to make contact with the ladies foot before to push her leg. In the colgada we need to create a imaginary axis between the couple and hold the back of the lady in order to give her security and trust.

Tips for followers

It is very important that we have our axis in one leg and release the energy of the free leg at the moment of the barrida, so the men can carry without a lot of effort. 

At the colgada moment our hip should go outside to contrast the weight of the men, without pushing from upper body.