A New Social Dance Club, Connecting People

Get to know exciting new people and connect through fun, relaxed tango evenings.

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Start with an intro session

Start as a group of strangers but leave as new friends. Our 75-minute intro sessions bring together fun-loving, interesting people and teach you a few basic tango steps. No dance experience needed!


Join a studio

Your local Embrazo studio is where all the fun happens! Learn a simplified tango from certified instructors and enjoy regular dance parties and practice evenings with the other members.


Connect with other members

Embrazo gives you the chance to get to know other members over time. Use the Embrazo app to exchange contact information with your favorite dance partners and connect outside the studio.


Who’s coming?

Embrazo members are adventurous, outgoing, and eager to try new things. We group you with other people from your area and in your age range. Everyone in your group is looking for the same thing you are, whether that’s romance, friendship, or just to get better at dancing.

How often?

Embrazo memberships are monthly, and you can join in as many lessons, parties, and practice evenings as you want!

What are we dancing?

It’s hard to make connections with people when you’re completely focused on your feet. For this reason, we teach an easy, simplified tango. It’s the perfect starting point for beginners and a fun jumping-off point for more advanced dancers. If you can walk, you can dance it!

Where are Embrazo studios?

The first Embrazo studio is in Madrid, near Puerta de Toledo (map). We are working on opening more studios in Madrid and in other cities.

How much does a class cost?

It’s €17, which you can apply toward your first month of membership if you choose to join.