Meet New People Through Social Dance

Embrazo is a social dance club that brings people together. Come alone or with a partner. Have a great time and meet new people. No dance background needed.


Come alone or with a friend

If you have a partner, come together. If you’re alone, come yourself. We make sure that all classes have the same number of men and women.


Learn easy dance moves

Our classes are easy for people of all ages. No need to have any dance experience to participate and have fun.


Meet new people

It’s a social activity. We change couples every few minutes, so everyone has a chance to meet everyone else.


Who’s coming?

People from your area and in your age group. We make sure that all classes have an equal number of men and women.

How often?

Dance classes are 90 minutes long, once a week.

What are we dancing?

We use “simplified tango”, which is something that we developed. If you can walk, you can dance it.

Where are Embrazo studios?

We’re launching studios in different cities. Sign up and we’ll let you know when a studio is available near you.